shared office space exclusive for lawyers - coral gables & downtown miami, florida



The ESQ.suites model is made of and for lawyers and legal professionals.  Sharing the same culture ensures our success.

Our “lawyers-only” policy is one of the generous perks of being a part of ESQ.suites.

There is no room for error in the legal profession.  Attorneys understand this and adhere to this code.  Your ESQ.suitemates are no exception, which makes the shared office of and for lawyers only all the more important. 

The work of a lawyer is different to that of other professionals.  Because they guide clients through confidential, private and complex issues, lawyers are subject to a high level of performance requiring great scrutiny and discretion. Any lapse of judgment leads to liability and personal loss.  People of other professions do not always employ the same level of service expected of a law professional.

The mindset of an employer vs. that of an employee

Self-employed lawyers manage their practice distinctively.  Your ESQ.suitemates are primarily solo and small to mid-sized firm attorneys, who are former partners or employees of law firms, but chose to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit and seek their fortunes on their own terms.  Self-employment is the metric that measures mutual respect irrespective of age, experience and practice area. 




Networking has never been so easy.

All it takes is a trip to the office and a quick hello. 

At ESQ.suites, you’ll have the opportunity to advertise yourself and your practice to law professionals of different disciplines from the convenience of your own office space.

In-House Networking is one of the generous perks of being a part of ESQ.suites.

Your office will be like your own income producing profit center.

If you’re not able to obtain referral business in your current office space location, you are not offsetting your overhead costs, and that means you’re in the wrong rental space.

Lawyers recognize the importance of referrals.  It’s part of their business model for building clientele and producing income. 

At ESQ.suites, we’ve taken that model and made it better and more efficient, so if you’re not getting referrals from your ESQ.suitemates, you’re losing capital.

Your source of prime prospects are also obtained from client referrals. 

At ESQ.suites, lawyers with specific areas of expertise use our referral system to form partnerships with suitable colleagues and gain new and valuable clientele.

How can you convert your biggest fixed expense to yield a profit?  

It’s easy! Just become a part of ESQ.suites and our shared office model will afford you thousands of additional business from your neighbors and fellow ESQ.suitemates, essentially transforming your office space into your personal cash cow.



The ESQ.suites Community consists of prosperous lawyers and practices, of which, there may be some that are more successful than yours. 

While many would look upon this as a negative, the comradery, can instead be leveraged to make you and your practice better and more profitable. 

Want to be more productive and increase your revenue? 

ESQ.suites makes it possible by helping you balancing the skills and expertise of your peers with your own.



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